Adding Programs to Ribbon using the Invite Application Feature

Ribbon provides a straightforward process for sponsors to input existing programs or invite new ones into the platform through the Invite Application feature.

Accessing the Programs

Begin by navigating to the "Programs" tab on the Ribbon sponsor dashboard. This tab serves as the central hub for managing all sponsored programs.

Initiating the Application Process

From the "Programs" tab, click on "Applications" in the dropdown menu. This will take you to the section dedicated to managing program applications.

Within the "Applications" section, locate and click on the "New Application" button situated on the right side of the dashboard.

Providing Applicant Information

In the prompted window, enter the name and email address of the applicant who will receive the invitation to apply for sponsorship. This ensures that the application is directed to the intended recipient.

Setting Sponsorship Fees

Specify the sponsorship fees for the program.  It's important to note that these fees will be included in the invitation sent to the applicant.

There are two types of fees that can be set:

    • Monthly Fee: This is the fixed dollar amount charged each month for the subscription.
    • Donation Fee: This is a percentage charged from donations as soon as they are processed.

Sending the Invitation

Once the necessary information and fees are entered, click on the "Send Invitation" button. This action dispatches the invitation to the specified applicant, prompting them to apply for sponsorship through the Ribbon platform.