Processing Donations by Check with Ribbon

Donations made by check are an essential part of supporting your program, and Ribbon is here to guide you through the process of ensuring smooth and efficient processing.

*Donations by check are done outside of Ribbon. Once checks have been received the Ribbon team will update the Ribbon database with the donor and the donation information.

Step 1: Send Program Donation Checks to Ribbon

Please send your program donation checks to the following address:


912 S Corona St

Denver, CO 80209

Step 2: Include Program Name on the Check 

To ensure accurate allocation of your donation, it's crucial to include the program name. You can do this by clearly indicating the program name either as the Payee or in the memo line of the check.

Step 3: Utilize Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement 

Be aware that our bank accepts checks made out to the Payee as part of your fiscal sponsorship agreement. This facilitates a smoother donation process.

Step 4: Allocation of Funds 

After receiving your check, the Ribbon team will promptly transfer the donated funds into your respective program's account. This ensures that your program has access to the donated funds for its intended purposes.

Step 5: Notification Process 

Both the fiscal sponsor and the program will be notified of the donation receipt. This step helps maintain transparency and ensures that all parties involved are aware of the donation's arrival.

Step 6: Comprehensive Donation Record 

The donation record will contain all pertinent information obtained from the check. This documentation is crucial for record-keeping and ensures that your donation is properly accounted for.

Step 7: Automatic Receipts with Email Address 

If an email address is provided on the check or grant notice, an automatic donation receipt will be sent to the donor. This serves as a confirmation of their generous contribution.

Step 8: Manual Acknowledgments 

In cases where no email address is available on the check, we recommend that the program manually send an acknowledgment to the provided postal address. This personal touch expresses gratitude and appreciation to the donor.