Crafting a Successful Donation Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide on Ribbon

Learn how to leverage the platform's features to establish campaign pages for fundraising, allowing you to effectively raise money for your organization.

Creating a New Donation Campaign:

Accessing the Giving Tab: To initiate the process, click on the "Giving" tab in your Ribbon dashboard.

Navigating to Campaigns: From the dropdown menu, select "Campaigns" to access the dedicated section for creating and managing donation campaigns.

Initiating a New Campaign: Click on the "New Campaign" button located on the right side of the dashboard to begin setting up your campaign.

Configuring Campaign Details:

  • In the popup window, provide a name for your campaign.
  • Select a donation form from the dropdown menu to associate with your campaign.
  • Click "Create" to proceed.

Customizing Campaign Dashboard:

On your new campaign dashboard:

  • Set up your fundraising goal.
  • Choose a cover image that resonates with your campaign.
  • Craft your campaign story to effectively communicate your objectives.

Adding Impact Measurement (Optional):

  • Explore the option to add an impact measurement to highlight the positive outcomes of your campaign.

Saving and Publishing: Once all details are configured, click "Save and Publish" to make your campaign live and accessible to potential donors.