Understanding Email Notifications for Donations on Ribbon

This knowledge base article addresses the query of whether sponsor admins receive email notifications when donations come through on Ribbon.

Short Answer: No.  As of the current system configuration, there are no email notifications sent to sponsor admins when new donations are received on Ribbon.

The decision not to implement email notifications for every donation stems from the consideration that frequent notifications could potentially be disruptive. Ribbon envisions sponsored programs receiving a substantial number of donations, and sending an email for each donation might overwhelm administrators.

While there are no email notifications, Ribbon provides alternative methods for sponsor admins to monitor and track incoming donations:

  • Regularly check the Donations tab on the platform to view a comprehensive list of all donations.
  • Utilize the reporting tools available in the Banking section to generate reports on donation activities.

Ribbon is committed to continuous improvement, and future updates to the platform may introduce additional features or options related to notifications for donations. It's recommended to stay informed about platform updates and release notes for any changes.