Getting Started with the Program Marketplace for Nonprofits

Our Program Marketplace offers a streamlined solution, connecting passionate individuals with fiscal sponsors who can provide the necessary support to kickstart their charitable initiatives.

Starting a nonprofit organization can be a rewarding journey, but the process often involves navigating complex legal and financial landscapes. The Program Marketplace is a valuable resource for individuals eager to make a positive impact through nonprofit work.


Step 1: Fill Out the Marketplace Application

The first step in the journey to finding a fiscal sponsor for your nonprofit is to complete our Program Marketplace application. This application serves as your introduction to potential sponsors, providing them with essential information about you and your organization. Be prepared to share details about your nonprofit's mission, goals, and any other pertinent information that can help sponsors understand the impact you aim to make.

Step 2: Approval and Inclusion in the Marketplace

Once your application is submitted, our team will review it to ensure it meets the necessary criteria. Upon approval, your nonprofit will be added to our Program Marketplace. This marketplace is a hub where fiscal sponsors can discover and connect with nonprofits based on their type or mission. This step increases the visibility of your organization and enhances the likelihood of finding a suitable fiscal sponsor.

Step 3: Sponsorship Offers and Discussions

After your nonprofit is featured in the Program Marketplace, potential fiscal sponsors will have the opportunity to discover and express their interest in supporting your cause. When a sponsor finds that your organization aligns with their mission, they can send you a sponsorship offer. Subsequently, you will have the chance to have discussions with the sponsor, allowing both parties to assess compatibility and determine if it's a good fit.

Step 4: Acceptance and Contract Signing

Congratulations! Once you have found a fiscal sponsor that aligns with your nonprofit's mission and values, and you have successfully aligned with a sponsor, you can proceed to review and execute your new sponsor's fiscal sponsorship agreement. This involves signing a contract that formalizes the partnership between your nonprofit and the fiscal sponsor. This contract outlines the terms of the sponsorship, including financial arrangements and any specific responsibilities each party agrees to undertake.


Take the first step today by filling out the Marketplace application and embark on the journey to bring your nonprofit vision to life with the backing of a dedicated fiscal sponsor.