Exporting Donor Data from Ribbon for External Use

Ribbon simplifies the process of exporting your donor data in a convenient .csv file, allowing seamless integration with your CRM or donor database..

Step 1: Access the Donors Tab

Begin by clicking on the "Donors" tab, which is prominently displayed in the Ribbon platform's navigation.

Step 2: Navigate to the Donors Dashboard

On the Donors Dashboard, you can locate the "Donors" box. Within this box, you have the option to search for specific donors using their name or email. Alternatively, you can export all donors.

Step 3: Search for Specific Donors (Optional)

If you wish to export data for specific donors, use the search bar within the Donors box to enter the donor's name or email. This allows you to narrow down the list to the desired donors.

Step 4: Export All Donors or Specific Data

To export all donors, simply click on the "Export" button located on the right side of the page within the Donors box. If you performed a search for specific donors, the exported file will contain information only for the selected donors.


Important Notes:

  • Ensure that your search criteria are accurate to obtain the desired donor data.
  • The exported file will be in .csv format, compatible with various CRM and donor database platforms.