Inviting Cardholder-Only Users on Ribbon: A Quick Guide

Whether you're a program admin or sponsor, follow these steps to seamlessly invite cardholders to the platform, allowing them limited access for managing their specific cards and transactions.

Inviting a Cardholder-Only User:

Access the Banking Tab: Click on the "Banking" tab in your Ribbon dashboard to initiate the process.

Navigate to Cards: From the dropdown menu, select "Cards" to access the section dedicated to card management.

Create a New Card: Click on the "Create New Card" button on the right side of the dashboard to start the card creation process.

Access the New User Tab: In the card creation window, navigate to the "New User" tab to invite a user to Ribbon in a cardholder-only role.

Enter User Information: Provide the new user's information, including their first and last name, and email address.

Enter Card Details: Input card-specific details, such as the card name, limit, and limit period.

Save Card: Click "Save Card" to send the invitation to the user, inviting them to Ribbon and accepting their new card.

Monitoring New Cardholder Invitations: In the Banking > Cards dashboard, you can track "New Cardholder Invitations."

Limited Access for Cardholders: Once the new cardholder accepts the card invitation, they will have restricted access. They can only view their card and related transactions.