Spend Card Limits on Ribbon: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding and adjusting spend limits ensures efficient financial management within the Ribbon platform.

Ribbon's default global spend limits are automatically applied upon joining the platform. Sponsors can easily customize these limits under Sponsor Account Settings > Spending Controls.

Setting Program-Specific Limits:

For a tailored approach, sponsors can set custom spend limits for specific programs. Program-specific settings take precedence over global settings, offering a nuanced control over spending.

Understanding Spend Limit Types:

  • Transaction Limit: Represents the maximum amount allowable for a single transaction using the Ribbon spend card.

  • Period Limits: Daily, Monthly, or All Time limits that regulate spending within specific periods. Only one Period Limit is chosen for each card and overrides the others.

Example Scenario:

If a program has a $1,000 Daily limit, the spend card can make purchases up to $1,000 in a single day. The available balance resets to $1,000 the next day.

Note on Monthly Limits:

Monthly limits provide a capped spending amount for the entire month, resetting at the beginning of the following month.

Important Reminder:

Ribbon spend cards are always limited by the program's available balance. For instance, a $5,000 card can only make purchases up to the available balance, ensuring responsible spending.

Updating Spend Limits:

Navigate to Sponsor Account Banking > Spending control to update global and program-specific card limits. Adjust Transaction Limit and choose one Period Limit (Daily, Monthly, or All Time) for each card.