Utilizing Bill Pay on Ribbon for Streamlined Expense Management

Ribbon's Bill Pay option provides a seamless process for submitting bill pay requests, streamlining expense management for sponsored programs.

Step 1: Access the Banking Tab

Start by clicking on the "Banking" tab, located in the Ribbon platform's main navigation.

Step 2: Navigate to Bill Pay

Within the Banking tab, click on "Bill Pay" from the dropdown menu. This action will direct you to the Bill Pay dashboard.

Step 3: Initiate a New Bill Pay Request 

On the Bill Pay dashboard, locate and click on the "New Bill" button, situated on the right side of the page. This will initiate the process of creating a new bill pay request.

Step 4: Fill in Vendor Details

Enter the vendor details to identify the recipient of the payment. This includes the vendor's name, contact information, and any other pertinent details.

Step 5: Fill in Invoice Details

Specify the details of the invoice, including the due date. The calendar feature makes it convenient to select the due date.

Step 6: Enter Invoice Amount and Explanation

 Provide the invoice amount and a clear explanation for the invoice or bill. This information ensures transparency and accuracy in the billing process.

Step 7: Upload a Copy of the Bill/Invoice 

Upload a copy of the bill or invoice for reference and documentation. This step contributes to a comprehensive record of expenses.

Step 8: Choose Payment Method

 Select the preferred payment method for the bill. Ribbon offers the option of E-Checks, which are sent immediately upon bill approval with no additional fees.

Step 9: Send for Approval and Payment 

Once all required information is filled in, click on "Send for Approval and Payment." This action submits the bill pay request for approval by the sponsor.


Important Note:

  • E-Checks are a quick and fee-free payment method that provides secure direct deposit via ACH. This is currently our only reimbursement option.