Enhancing Security with 2-Factor Authentication on Ribbon

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a powerful security feature that adds an additional layer of protection to your Ribbon account, ensuring that only authorized users can access their profiles.

Setting Up 2FA and Choosing Your Preferred Method:

Step 1: Access Your User Profile

To set up 2FA, start by clicking on the profile icon at the top right of your screen. This icon is typically represented as a person.

Step 2: Navigate to Profile Settings 

In the dropdown menu that appears after clicking the profile icon, select "Profile Settings." This option will take you to your profile settings dashboard.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred 2FA Method 

Within the profile settings dashboard, you'll find a section dedicated to 2FA. Here, you can select your preferred 2FA method to set as the default. Ribbon offers two options:

  • SMS Message: You can have the 2FA code sent to your US-based mobile device via SMS message.
  • Email: Alternatively, you can choose to have the 2FA code sent to your email address on file with Ribbon.

Select the method that best suits your needs and security preferences.


Using 2FA During Login:

To Select a Different 2FA Method:

When logging in, if you prefer to use a method other than your default selection, or the method you have set didn't work correctly, look for the "Didn't receive a code? Send another one." option. This will allow you to choose the desired 2FA method during login.