Understanding Donation Page Options on Ribbon: Link vs. Embed Code

Ribbon provides both options, allowing users flexibility in integrating giving forms into their online presence.

The giving forms are embeddable code snippets that can be used on any website. The campaign pages are fully hosted web pages (ie, separate links) that utilize the giving forms. So if you don't have a website to add the embed code to, you can use a Ribbon campaign page. You can also use campaign pages even if you do have a website, and just link out to them.

Giving Forms: Embeddable Code Snippets

Giving forms on Ribbon are represented as embeddable code snippets.
These snippets can be easily integrated into any website, providing a seamless donation experience for visitors. Users can generate the embed code within Ribbon and add it to the HTML of their website to enable on-site donations.

Campaign Pages: Fully Hosted Web Pages (Separate Links)

Campaign pages on Ribbon are fully hosted web pages, meaning they have separate links that can be accessed directly.
These pages utilize the giving forms and serve as dedicated spaces for fundraising efforts.
If users don't have a website to embed the code, they can leverage Ribbon's campaign pages to create a standalone online presence for their fundraising campaign.


Usage Scenarios:

  • Embedded Code on Existing Website:
    • Users with existing websites can use the embed code to seamlessly integrate donation forms into their site.
  • Standalone Campaign Page:
    • Users without a website or those preferring a dedicated fundraising page can utilize Ribbon's campaign pages with separate links.
    • Even with an existing website, users can choose to use campaign pages and simply link out to them.

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