Managing Program Applications in Ribbon

Fiscal sponsors using the Ribbon platform have a streamlined process for handling program applications.

Accessing the Program Applications Dashboard

  1. Start by clicking on the "Programs" tab in the Ribbon sponsor dashboard. This tab serves as the central hub for overseeing all sponsored programs.

  2. From the "Programs" tab, access the "Applications" section in the dropdown menu. This will lead you to the dedicated area for managing program applications.

Overview of the Application Dashboard

On the application dashboard, you'll find two main sections:

    • Pending Invitations: This section displays programs that you have submitted to join Ribbon. These are pending invitations awaiting responses from potential programs.

    • Programs Applying for Sponsorship: In this section, you can view all programs that have applied for sponsorship with you. The dashboard provides a status overview of these applications.

Reviewing and Updating Applications

  1. To view and manage applications, click on the specific application you would like to review. This action will direct you to the detailed application page.

  2. On the application page, you will find comprehensive data from the program, including:

    • General Information: Essential details about the program, providing a quick overview.

    • Mission, Vision, and Goals: A deeper understanding of the program's purpose and objectives.

    • Owner/Operator Details: This is the main contact person for the program.

Taking Action on Applications

Based on the information presented, sponsors can take various actions:

    • Approve: If the application meets the sponsorship criteria and requirements, sponsors can approve it to proceed with the partnership.

    • Decline: If the program does not align with the sponsor's mission or criteria, sponsors can decline the application.

    • Request Changes: Sponsors have the option to request modifications or additional information from the program before making a final decision.