Bill Pay & Reimbursement Timing

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the timeline and key considerations associated with Bill Pay and Reimbursement requests in Ribbon.

Approval and Notification

  1. Submission and Approval: After submitting a bill or reimbursement for approval through the Ribbon platform, the fiscal sponsor is immediately notified. Fiscal Sponsors will review submissions according to their procedures and policies. 

  2. Confirmation Emails: Upon approval or rejection, a confirmation email is automatically generated and sent to the Ribbon user who requested the bill pay or reimbursement. If the sponsor does not approve the request, users can log into Ribbon to see additional notes from the sponsor.
  3. Digital Payment Emails: 24 - 48 hours after approval, a digital payment email is sent to the vendor. This email is from Ribbon and provides instructions for the vendor to be able to connect their bank account to receive the payment via direct deposit. (if you notice the bill pay taking longer than 48 hours to be send please reach out to Ribbon Support)

Timing of Deposits

  1. Deposit Timing: Once a vendor connects their account for direct deposit, funds are typically deposited into the vendor's account within 5 to 7 business days. It's important to note that the actual timing may vary depending on the specific bank's processing speed and any holiday schedules that may impact regular business days.

  2. Bank Processing Time: The duration of the deposit process is influenced by the policies and procedures of the banking institution involved. Ribbon aims to expedite the transfer of funds, but the ultimate timeline is subject to the banking partner's operational speed.

Important Note: Irreversibility of Payments

  1. Irreversibility: Once the payment process has been initiated, Ribbon is typically unable to cancel or reverse payments. This emphasizes the importance of careful review and confirmation before submitting bills for approval. 

Best Practices for Program Managers

  1. Verification of Details: Program admins are encouraged to thoroughly review all bill details before submission to prevent any discrepancies or issues during the payment process.

  2. Communication: In case of any concerns or questions about the deposit process, program admins should promptly communicate with the fiscal sponsor or the Ribbon support team for clarification and assistance.

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