Navigating Banking Overview for Transaction Visibility

Banking Overview offers users a comprehensive understanding of where to find and manage all transactions within their account.

Ribbon users have multiple avenues for receiving funds into their accounts, and the Banking Overview serves as the central hub for tracking these transactions.

To find Banking Overview click on Banking and select Overview from the dropdown. 


Key Features:

  1. Available Balance:

    • The Banking Overview prominently displays the available balance, providing users with an immediate snapshot of the funds accessible for program use.
  2. Pending Transactions:

    • Users can seamlessly monitor pending transactions within the same section. This real-time view ensures awareness of incoming deposits and donations awaiting clearance.
  3. Account Activity:

    • The Banking Overview presents a comprehensive account activity log, offering users a detailed history of all transactions associated with their Ribbon account.

Advanced Functionalities:

  • Filtering Transactions:

    • Utilize the filter feature to refine your view of account activity. Filter options include transaction type and the association of transactions with budgets or grants.
  • Exporting to CSV:

    • Ribbon provides the convenience of exporting account activity into a CSV file. This feature facilitates efficient record-keeping and external analysis.