Creating & Managing Contract Templates & Documents

The Operations tab on Ribbon is a central hub for performing essential tasks related to the creation, uploading, and management of contract templates and documents.

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Contract templates:

These are the templates you will be able to choose from when sending contracts to accepted sponsorship applicants.

Creating a New Contract Template

Once in the Templates section, find and click the green "New Template" button. You will be redirected to a new page specifically designed for creating a new contract within a Word program. Leverage the capabilities of the Word program embedded within Ribbon to draft and structure your contract. This integrated environment streamlines the creation process.


Document Templates:

These are documents that your programs will have access to.

Uploading Documents

Determine the types of documents that your programs may need access to. This could include policy templates such as Conflict of Interest Policies or Board Minutes, as well as various contract templates like NDAs and Board Agreements.

To make these documents accessible, upload them through the Operations tab. This ensures that your organization has a centralized repository for critical file