Overview of Ribbon's Banking

Summary of all the features and functionality in the banking section of the Ribbon platform, including a definition of terms.


The Banking Overview page offers you a high-level perspective of all financial account activity related to your program. Here, we'll break down the essential components and features of this page to help you effectively manage your financial transactions.

Available Balance

The "Available Balance" section displays the amount of money currently at your disposal for program-related activities.
  • Please note that pending donations are not factored into this balance until they are cleared.
  • Additionally, pending expenditures are immediately deducted from the balance to prevent overspending.

Monthly Statements

Easily access a list of downloadable monthly activity statements, which can be found under the "Reports" section.
  • These statements provide a detailed record of your monthly financial activities.


  • The  Donation feature allows you to send donation request invoices directly to donors. They can conveniently make payments via credit card, ACH bank transfers, or wire transfers.
  • This method provides a straightforward way to make donations while avoiding credit card processing fees, which can typically range from 2% to 4%.

Pending Transactions

  • The "Pending Transactions" table offers insight into transactions currently in progress.
  • It includes incoming deposits and donations that are waiting to clear, with processing times varying based on the payment method used.
    • Donations made via credit card may take up to 3 business days to process.
    • Donations paid via ACH or wire transfer can take up to 5 business days to process.
  • This table also encompasses outgoing Ribbon card transactions awaiting processing, but it remains hidden when no pending transactions exist.

Account Activity

"Account Activity" provides a comprehensive history of all transactions within your Ribbon account.


Utilize filters to customize your transaction list based on various criteria, such as date range (defaulting to the last 30 days), transaction type (including Expenses, Donations, Deposits, Refunds, and Expenses Missing Receipts), or Budget and Grant tags.
      • You can also search for specific transactions using descriptions.


    • The "Export" feature enables you to download a CSV file containing transactions that match your applied filters.
  • Transaction details

    • Selecting a transaction from the table will open a slideout drawer with additional details

    • For expenses, that includes the ability to attach a receipt and update the charitable memo

    • For donations, that includes a link to the donation receipt that is automatically sent to the donor

  • Transaction Types

    • "Transaction Types" categorize transactions into four main groups:

      • Expenses: Covers all outgoing funds for expenditures, including payments made with Ribbon credit cards, as well as approved Bill Pay and Reimbursement requests.
      • Donations: Encompasses all incoming funds from donors through giving forms, campaign pages, and donation request invoices.
      • Deposits: Represents money added to your Ribbon account directly by your sponsor.
      • Refunds: Involves funds returned to your program from a refunded Expense or to a donor from a refunded Donation.
      • Expenses Missing Receipts: Identifies expense transactions for which an associated receipt has not yet been attached, making it convenient to locate and update these transactions for auditing purposes.