Ribbon Sponsor Dashboard: A Comprehensive Overview

Ribbon, as a sponsor management platform, empowers 501(c)(3) sponsors to efficiently oversee all fiscal sponsorships within their purview.

The sponsor dashboard serves as a centralized hub, offering a range of features to streamline program management, financial oversight, and reporting.

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The Home tab serves as the landing page and provides an overview of the sponsor's fiscal sponsorship landscape. Users can access important announcements, updates, and quick links to essential features. This tab serves as a gateway to other sections of the dashboard, ensuring a user-friendly experience.


The Programs tab is a crucial section that allows sponsors to gain insights into the various programs under their sponsorship. Within this tab, sponsors can access information related to program applications, approvals, and financial transactions. The Programs tab is further subdivided into key areas:

  • Applications
Here, sponsors can view and manage sponsorship applications. The intuitive interface allows sponsors to track the status of applications, ensuring a smooth and organized application process.
  • Approvals
This section provides sponsors with an overview of approved bill payments and reimbursements. Sponsors can efficiently manage financial transactions related to their sponsored programs, promoting transparency and accountability.


The Operations tab serves as the control center for sponsors, offering tools to manage templates that streamline communication and documentation processes. Within this tab, sponsors can find:

  • Contact Templates

Sponsors can choose from a variety of contact templates when sending contracts to accepted sponsorship applicants. These templates streamline the communication process, ensuring consistency and professionalism in sponsor interactions.

  • Document Templates

This section enables sponsors to upload and manage document templates that programs can access. Key templates, such as conflict of interest policies, board minutes, or contract templates, can be centralized here for easy access and dissemination.


The Reports tab is dedicated to providing sponsors with comprehensive insights into their fiscal sponsorships. Key features include:

  • Transaction Reports

Sponsors can pull transaction reports, allowing for a detailed analysis of financial activities related to sponsored programs. This feature enhances financial oversight and facilitates accurate reporting.

  • Donor Overview

This section aggregates donor information from all programs under the sponsor's umbrella. Sponsors can gain a holistic view of their donor base, facilitating strategic decision-making and targeted fundraising efforts.


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