Understanding Payroll Management: A Guide to Payroll Over Ribbon

Payroll management is a critical aspect of business operations, ensuring that employees are compensated accurately and promptly.

While various platforms offer diverse functionalities, it is important to note that managing payroll over Ribbon may present unique challenges due to the platform's design and focus. Payroll encompasses tasks such as calculating employee wages, withholding taxes, and distributing payments. Different programs and platforms may have distinct features and capabilities when it comes to payroll management. Ribbon, as a platform, offers a range of collaborative tools and services, but its primary focus is not comprehensive payroll processing.


To manage payroll expenses over Ribbon, follow these steps:

1. Contact your sponsor to discuss how they would like you to track payroll within the platform. This ensures alignment with any specific reporting or documentation requirements they may have.

2. Utilize Ribbon's bill pay functionality to record your monthly payroll expenses. 

Note: Make sure the payroll bill pay is deposited into an external bank account that is used for your payroll.