Ribbon: A Comprehensive Platform for Fiscal Sponsorship Management

Ribbon stands as a powerful software platform designed to facilitate and streamline fiscal sponsorship relationships.


What is Ribbon?

1. Fiscal Sponsorship Management:

  • Ribbon is specifically crafted to manage fiscal sponsorship relationships.
  • Acting as a centralized hub, it enables users to navigate the complexities of fiscal sponsorship agreements with ease.

2. All-in-One Platform:

  • Ribbon offers a comprehensive suite of tools, consolidating key functionalities into a single platform.
  • The platform encompasses banking, accounting, fundraising, and organizational tools, providing a holistic solution for users.


Key Features:


  • Ribbon's banking features provide users with a bird's eye view of all monetary account activities.
  • The platform includes tools to manage available balances, pending transactions, and monthly statements.


  • Users can access detailed transaction histories through Ribbon's accounting features.
  • The platform offers filters for customized views, export options, and transaction details, ensuring transparency in financial management.


  • Ribbon simplifies fundraising efforts by providing tools to create donation forms and campaign pages.
  • Users can manage donations, track pending transactions, and gain insights into the success of their fundraising initiatives.

Organizational Tools:

  • The platform includes organizational tools that contribute to the seamless operation of sponsored programs.
  • Users can manage teammates, customize branding elements, and access a range of features to enhance organizational efficiency.

How Ribbon Empowers Users:

  • Efficient Fundraising: Users can leverage Ribbon's tools to create and manage donation forms, streamlining the fundraising process.
  • Transparent Financial Management: The platform's accounting features ensure clear tracking of funds, providing transparency and accountability.
  • Simplified Banking Operations: Ribbon's banking tools offer a centralized view of financial activities, simplifying banking operations for users.