Streamlining Reimbursement Requests on Ribbon

Ribbon's platform simplifies the process of submitting reimbursement requests, offering a convenient way for sponsored programs to seek approval from their sponsors.

Step 1: Access the Banking Tab

Begin by clicking on the "Banking" tab, prominently displayed in Ribbon's main navigation.

Step 2: Navigate to Reimbursements

 Within the Banking tab, click on "Reimbursements" from the dropdown menu. This action will direct you to the Reimbursements dashboard.

Step 3: Initiate a New Reimbursement Request 

On the Reimbursements dashboard, locate and click on the "New Reimbursements" button situated at the top right of the page. This will initiate the creation of a new reimbursement request.

Step 4: Fill in Recipient's Name

In the New Reimbursement window, fill in the recipient's name by selecting from the dropdown menu. If the intended recipient is not listed, you will need to add them as a team member on Ribbon. You can learn how to add team members: Inviting and Managing Team Members with User Roles on Ribbon

Step 5: Enter Transaction Details

Under "Transaction Details," enter the amount of the reimbursement. This should accurately reflect the expense being claimed for reimbursement.

Step 6 Provide an Explanation of the Expense 

Enter a clear and concise explanation of the expense. This helps in providing context and transparency regarding the nature of the reimbursement.

Step 7: Upload Receipt for the Expense

Upload a copy of the receipt for the expense. This step is crucial for documentation and ensures clarity for the sponsor during the approval process.

Step 8: Send for Approval and Payment 

Once all required details are filled in, click on "Send for Approval and Payment." This action submits the reimbursement request to the sponsor for approval and subsequent payment.