How to Create a Spend Card

Ribbon provides a seamless process for creating both virtual and physical spend cards, empowering sponsored organizations to manage their expenses efficiently.

Step 1: Access the Banking Tab

Begin by navigating to the "Banking" tab, which can be found in the dropdown menu. This tab is your gateway to managing financial transactions and resources.

Step 2: Click on "Cards"

Within the Banking tab, click on "Cards" in the dropdown menu. This action will lead you to the card management section.


Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 10.32.31 AM

Step 3: Create a New Card 

On the Cards page, locate and click on the "Create New Card" button, which is highlighted in green. This action will prompt a window to appear for the creation of a new card.

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Step 4: Provide Card Details

In the new window, select the card type and enter a descriptive name for the card. The name should clearly indicate the purpose of the card, such as 'Operational Expense.'

Step 5: Assign a Card Holder

Choose a cardholder for the new card from the list of team members already in the Ribbon system. If the desired team member is not listed, add them as a team member before issuing a card to them. You can learn how to add team members:

Inviting and Managing Team Members with User Roles on Ribbon

Step 6: Set Limits and Accounting Details 

Optionally, set a spending limit or a time limit for the card's usage. Under the accounting section, you can associate a budget to tag all incoming expenses from the new card with a specific budget. NOTE: Currently, the spend limit per transaction is $10,000 (ten thousand). If you believe your organization will need a larger limit please reach out to Ribbon Support (

Step 7: Save the Card 

After providing the necessary details, click on "Save Card." This action will issue a new card, ready for use.

Delivery Time for Physical Cards: 

It's important to note that physical cards may take up to 7-10 business days to arrive for the assigned team member.