Approve Program Expenses with Bill Pay and Reimbursements

Managing program expenses efficiently is crucial for any organization. With the help of a streamlined approval process, you can ensure that bills are paid on time and reimbursements are handled promptly.

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Bill Pay Approval

Upon selecting Bill Pay, you will be directed to the dashboard displaying a list of Bill Pays associated with the programs you manage.

  1. Click on Bill Pay:

    • Click on a specific Bill Pay to open a side window displaying all relevant information.
  2. Review Information:

    • Evaluate the details provided, including the amount, vendor, and purpose of the expense.
  3. Request Additional Information:

    • If necessary, request more information from the program before making a decision.
  4. Make Decision:

    • Approve, deny, or take any required action based on the information provided.

Reimbursement Approval

Similar to the Bill Pay dashboard, you will see a list of reimbursement requests.

  1. Click on Reimbursement:

    • Click on a specific reimbursement request to view detailed information.
  2. Evaluate Information:

    • Examine the details of the reimbursement, including the expenses incurred.
  3. Decision Making:

    • Approve or deny the reimbursement request based on the provided information.


To learn more about Bill Pay and Reimbursement timeline:

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